Sunday, 5 January 2014

Merrily Mending Away: Shirt Buttons

I made a shirt, Vogue 2789, many moons ago that has seen the mending pile more times that I care to remember. It is one of my favourite makes, and I put a lot of work into it. The original (seen below) has pin-tucks sewn around the the shirt waist area.

Like I said, it was many moons ago when I was a wee skinny thing. At first, I thought I could remove all those pin-tucks but that was not enough ease. I had no choice but to add an extension to both side seams if I dreamed of saving this shirt. It worked and a favourite make became wearable once again.

This shirt ended up on the mending pile once again when one of the self-made buttons fell apart. This was the second button that went missing, the very last bottom one went missing ages ago but I pretended that it was never there since the buttonhole was not all that noticeable.

I found some vintage inspired in my button stash and away I went to work, replacing all the buttons.

After merrily mending away, I now have seven new buttons that I think makes this shirt look much better with the black inserts on the side seams.

And yesterday, over at Etsy, I found this Vogue 2789 pattern. In my size! Uncut and factory folded and I couldn't be more thrilled. I can't wait until it gets here, I can see version C on my cutting table sometime soon.

Happy Sewing Mending!

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  1. Godet inserts are very handy in this situation - a solution I have also used :)


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