Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Happy National Hat Day!

According to Sydney Tumshek, National Hat Day started in the 1920s as a way to get men to start planning their spring hats. Whenever and however, this unofficial holiday came into being, it was likely a welcome boast to the local milliner peddling their creations.

Today, in my corner of the world, the toque rules the day. Although, I will admit that I do like wearing a good-looking beanie (anything to keep the ears warm in this weather). And I wouldn't mind sewing up a vintage style hat from Simplicity 1736 for when the weather warms up. How about you, have you made hats or want to?

Happy Sewing Hat Day!


  1. Oh, those are lovely hats! I have been inspired by Sew Busy Lizzie ( and her recent hat experiments - so I am also going on a hat making foray!!

    1. :) Can't wait to see what the final product!


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