Friday, 24 January 2014

Jungle January 2: Return of the GRRRR!

It is that festive time of year, Jungle January. I have a great time checking out everyone's creative interpretation of the animal print.

Now, I have to admit sewing and wearing animal print is certainly out of my comfort zone but hey we're talking about Anne's tribute to the wild side. And I can get out of my comfort zone for this lady. My goodness I owe this woman for the countless number of Wearable Wednesdays that she has made me laugh. Thanks Anne! In the process, I made a skirt that I absolutely love. Allelluia! I've been converted.

Stash busting 2014: Va-Va-Vavoom!

Fabric:     I purchased 2 metres of this fabric but I only used 1.3 metres.

Zipper:    8" invisible zipper.

Thread:   I used a spool of grey thread I found in my thread stash for the sewing machine and black overlock thread for the overlock machine.

Hook & Eye:  I stash busted a large hook and eye.

Basting tape:   16" length of basting tape.


I found this fabric at Marshall Fabrics late last year. It didn't last very long in my stash, I actually picked it up with Jungle January in mind. I just was undecided what I would tame this beast into. It is a cotton fabric with some stretch.

The pattern was a fairly recent etsy find, McCall's 7870. It is from the NY Collection of patterns from the 1990s. Can you believe that the 1990s are considered vintage? I kid you not!

This pattern is a real gem. Oh my goodness, you don't find details like these too often now-a-days! Do you notice that drape found on the skirt front? It is created with a tuck detail (there are two from each side seam) and it is top stitched.

The front waist has a facing and sits higher than the back of the skirt which has a waistband. It makes for a very comfortable fit. The two darts in the back are also topstitched.

My absolute favourite detail in this skirt is the double pleated kick pleat!

This photo shows the closest match of the actual colour.  
I don't think I ever felt this great in a skirt. I will certainly get some wear out of this and I think another version might make it to my sewing table soon. I love the fact that this is a long skirt because I haven't shaved my legs since my knee surgery last month. Yes, I'm a real beast in this skirt. But I digress...

I should mention that I made this in a size 14 and there did not appear to be a great deal of ease. There is a four inch difference in the hip measurement from the finished width compared to the body measurement listed on the pattern envelope. I added a little extra to the pattern side seams. If the next skirt is a non-stretch fabric I think I would like to make a muslin. Considering my generous hips, I would opt for a longer length on the zipper.

Little issues considering how much I do like this walk on the wild side.

Happy Sewing!


  1. This is FABULOUS Graca!! It fits you absolutely perfectly and looks fun to wear! ROAR!! :)

  2. Love it. Absolutely love it.

    And no, I can't believe the '90s are vintage, weren't they just yesterday? I love the double kick pleat, I have saved a pattern from the 80's (back in the dark ages) with a number of variations on the kick pleat and this one looks just like one of them. It is a great look.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks! It does seem crazy that the 90's are vintage! I almost fell off my chair when I read that.

  3. Gorgeous details- I love it!!!

  4. Thanks! For the Wearable Wednesday chuckles and the lovely comment and the gentle push out of my comfort zone. I'm glad that you like it.


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