Sunday, 26 January 2014

Merrily Mending Away: Cut, Pin, Baste and Sew!

This boiled wool jacket was once a knee length coat before I took a pair of scissors to it and cut away.

The plan was to take the section that I cut off and use it to add a section on the front. You see this size small coat became too small to wear.

I guess I must have lost a few pounds from the time that I cut this up. Oh, did I mention that I started this alteration project quite some time ago? We're talking years. Yes, I do believe I can easily capture the title for ultimate procrastinator when it comes to mending and alterations. But I digress...

Today, I was able to shift the buttons over an inch and a half without adding any width to the jacket. That leaves me with a piece of boiled wool that I could use for pockets.

All I had to do was reinforce the bottom seams that were cut and then pin, baste and sew. Gawd, I love sewing this fabric, no need to finish seams or turn things under. Easy Peasy! Now, it is a perfect (for this weather) jacket with pockets.

Happy Mending!

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