Thursday, 25 February 2016

22 Minutes: 100 Years of Canadian Beauty

Yup.  This just about sums up dressing for a Canadian winter as I try to finish up the cape, not the most practical winter garment. 

In other sewing news... The work on the cape is happening at a snail's pace this week since I'm putting in some overtime, prepping for sewing club on my own time, and coming home way too exhausted to even dare to get into it. Since the last chapter, I managed to baste the under collar to the cape. And then the next night I stitched it in place. And last night I sewed the front facing to the back facing and feeling ambitious, I stay-stitched the facings.  Yup, I am seriously moving at a snail's pace. At this rate this project risks becoming an unfinished object (UFO) or it might get done in time for autumn 2016 if I can find some me-time.  

Happy Sewing!

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