Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Making of a Cape: Chapter 1 -- Plotting and Planning

I have been talking about making a cape for months now, many months actually. Since last summer when I was anxiously waiting for McCall's 7259 to appear before I headed back to work and a much busier schedule. 

McCall's 7259 from The Archive Collection, circa 1927.    

And then a few weeks later I was dazzled by the new Marfy cape pattern from their Autumn / Winter 2016 collection.  

Mary Cape, F3757 

I didn't pick up the Marfy cape fearing that it would be beyond my skill level to sew an expert level pattern that doesn't come with instructions. The McCall's pattern made it into my stash but I was on the fence once I got my hot little hands on it. Commitment is hard sometimes.   

I found a new cape love for a vintage pattern that I couldn't resist. I was thinking that it would be cute in a brown and pink tweed that has been maturing in my stash.   

Simplicity 6680, circa 1974.

Falling back into a new routine, I didn't make a commitment to the project until I actually tried this one on. Oh Kate Spade, you made one beautiful cape.  

And maybe it was the Christmas season but I was sold on a red cape, changing my mind about the brown and pink tweed. 

I was full on board when I picked up some red melton wool, red cotton-backed satin lining and even red buttons. I'm all in!  

I even made a muslin. I never rarely make a muslin, until now. I had researched the details of the Kate Spade cape online, took pictures in the changing room, and noted the details that I wanted to recreate. As I planned, I also prepped, researching the best method to pre-shrink my wool fabric without taking it to the dry cleaners. Two damn towels, a tumble in the dryer  and a whole lot of lint to clean out of the lint trap, I'm all set to get to work.

And so the journey begins.    

Happy Sewing!  

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