Friday, 19 February 2016

The Making of a Cape: Chapter 3 -- Welt Pockets

I took a detour from the vintage pattern instruction sheet to add a modern twist to the seventies cape pattern. I want pockets like those found on the Kate Spade cape. Aren't they just sublime?  

Of all the cape patterns that I was tempted by, I couldn't recall any that featured pockets. Now, where is a gal supposed to put her essentials without pockets?  

The JoeyBra {Source)
Yes, the fashionably hip might suggest the JoeyBra. But seriously, a gal my age could dislocate a shoulder trying to utilize the JoeyBra in the frigid prairie winters while wearing a cape. And that is how I found myself on the road to adding pockets. It was a road previously untravelled. Sure, I have sewn pockets before, side-seam pockets, side-front pockets, patch pockets and that is about it. I have never sewn a welt pocket before. 

And this is where OOP Vogue 8863 comes into the picture. I read a review that praised the pockets on this jacket and check it out, a welt pocket just like on the Kate Spade cape.  

Oh my! I was excited to start on this journey into unknown territory but I knew I needed some encouragement. Since Claire Shaeffer proved to be an inspiration on the trek towards bound buttonholes bliss, I turned to her soothing voice to lead the way.

I found Claire's words of wisdom via Thread Cult podcasts by Christine Cyr Clisset (#29 to be exact).

As Claire guides me through the difficult task of hand basting all those layers of wool and horsehair interfacing,

I continue on with the promise that hand stitching is the golden goose of the sewing world. Or something along those lines.

Between kAtheRine Tilton's excellent pocket pattern, instructions, breaking down and finally wearing a thimble, and Claire Schaeffer's encouragement, I completed my first welt pocket. Actually, I made two!

Until the next chapter,  happy sewing.


  1. Congratulations on the welt pocket--it looks perfect. I have yet to try them.

    1. Thanks, I'm thrilled with how it turned out.


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