Monday, 28 December 2015

Monday's Mending Pile

First up is this top. It didn't take long for it to end up on the mending pile as it had a small hole at the underarm seam began to expand.  

Can you see it? It happened at the point were the sleeve and side seams meet up. I used the locking stitch when I made this top but it just didn't hold.  

Instead of relying on the sewing machine for this tricky spot, I decided to repair this by hand. I doubled my thread and sewed the seam with a back-stitch. It looks secure. Time will tell if it will hold up.  

Next was something I was asked to do quite awhile ago, hem a pair of pants for Papa R. He's even more patient than Mama R. Actually, he could care less if these were ever hemmed. It is Mama R that keeps him well-dressed and stylish.  

I pinned, basted the pressing line, cut off the excess to a one and a half turn, serged the edges, and basted a second line of basting.  

And then it was ready for a run through the machine for a blind hem.  

Well, that's enough mending / alterations for today. I have about the same amount of patience for mending and alterations as Papa R has for trying on pants. Now, I need to find something to get my creative juices flowing.

Happy Sewing!  

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