Saturday, 5 December 2015

2015 Sewing Goals Revisited

New Old year, new old sewing goals.

☺︎Get out of my comfort zone and learn new techniques.  
I did venture out of my comfort zone when I make those pleated peplum fitted shirts. Oh and there was that attempt at bound buttonholes.  2015 appears to be the year of baby steps.

  Fabric store fast (or shop my own stash). 
Yes, well... this one turned out to be a epic fail but I will say that I did add some lovely pieces to the stash. My bad. It took me awhile to pick up a new membership from the national brand fabric store. The increase in membership price and decrease in pattern discounts were enough to hit the pause button. But I eventually picked one up when I received a gift certificate. And I will admit without out it, I wouldn't have tried the premium serger thread when it went on sale. But as far as fabric, I wasn't wow'd by the selection of fabric offered in 2015. My favourite finds this year have been found at the other fabric stores.   

☺︎and   Continue with the RTW fast. 

I did struggle with this goal this year but for the most part I did try my best. Oh, who am I kidding? I did a better job at the fast the previous year. I'm forgiving myself on the sweaters that I picked up since I'm not a knitter and the work-out gear since I didn't have the time to sew a swimsuit in a week's time. 

  Learn how to make bound buttonholes. 
I did attempt to make bound buttonholes with the help of Sewaholic's reference book but they're not perfect and I'm still working on this one. I haven't given up...  

  Make a pair of lined pants. 
I've been wanting to make the lined pants from now OOP Vogue 8887 ever since the pattern came out.  I have the pattern, fabric and lining waiting and another year has passed and I haven't gotten around to it. It is still on my want list.  

  Make that winter coat I've been talking about making for years now.
This is another project I have all the materials and supplies but haven't yet gotten around to it. My plan was to use the Sybil Connelly coat pattern but since I've been struggling with the fitted sleeves it has put a pause on this project.  

  Make a Chanel-esque cardigan jacket. 

I came close with this jacket.

A Chanel-esque is still on my wish-list.  

  Make a tailored jacket. 
Yes, this is another project that I didn't get around to making. It is still on my wish-list.  
☺︎  Make some workout clothes and use them!

I'm happy to report that I did make some work-out clothes and they have seen the inside of the gym!  

  Make a pair of jeans. 
I have the pattern and the fabric and no excuse as to why I don't have a completed pair of jeans.  

  Clear out the sewing drawer of all those unfinished sewing projects. 
Maybe next year... 

How about you, did you have any sewing goals this year and did you meet them?  

Happy Sewing!  

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  1. You did well! I did manage to complete a new winter coat but I'm not much of a goal setting person when it comes to specific projects. Overall it was a productive year and The only RTW I bought was bras so that feels good.

    I did the same thing you did and held off getting that membership before finally giving in. Still not sure if I want to renew it


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