Sunday, 27 December 2015

My Wonderfully Sleazy Jersey Top

Stash-busting 2015:  Butterick 6285

Okay, if you haven't read this post yet, go there first. This top is so comfortable and not at all sleazy in the 2015 use of the adjective. Thank goodness this ain't 1955 because I really like this fabric and how comfortable it feels.

I made this top with hopes of wearing it for Christmas Eve festivities but I working in the kitchen before shovelling more snow, I was too pooped to get dressed up. I did not get dressed up at all over the holidays and if I didn't have to go out I would have been quite happy in loungewear.   

The Pattern:  

This is a new release from Butterick's Winter / Holiday collection. Butterick 6285 comes with only two pattern pieces for the top. The front, back, and sleeves are drafted into one pattern piece. The other pattern piece is for the tie. It should be noted that I did not change the length of the pattern piece if you compare my version to the pattern envelope illustration and photo. Gertie did mention that there was a difference from the pattern piece and sample shown.

Love that this is self-lined and I didn't have to worry about finishing the seams. The down side to that is all the hand-sewing unless of course you like hand-sewing. The sleeve and lining are slip-stitched at the hemline. I will admit that I was tempted to serge the two together and then use my blind hem foot to finish off the hem. It was the thought of the bulk that put a stop to that plan.

The fit has me wanting to make some changes the next time I sew with this pattern. I find that it sort of gaps where it wraps around at the bust. It might be my fabric though. The fit and length of the sleeves is perfect. And I'm still a little perplexed about the back darts since this is a knit top. Even though I feel I could go with less ease across the bust I would like more ease around the mid-section. That or maybe I just need to do some more sit-ups and step away from the Christmas treats.

The Fabric:

I found this jersey fabric at Northwest Fabric earlier this year and picked it up just because of the colour. I had no specific project in mind for this fabric but it just happened that it was just enough for this wrap top. Sweet!  

It has a generous amount of stretch and recovery in both the width and length of the fabric. Now, is it a two-way or is it a four-way (tomato, tomatoe). Just kidding, I'm going to go with describing this as a four-way stretch fabric.  

I did find it challenging to sew even with a walking foot. My fabric pushed through the feed plate when I was turning a corner. Luckily, I was able to push it through with a small screw driver without damaging the fabric.  

The Stats:

Fabric:   2.4 metres $24.38 ($8.99 / metres + taxes)

Thread:  $2.14 

Pattern:  Butterick 6285 $13.55 ($19.95 - 40% off + taxes)

Additional tools and supplies:  Sewing machine, pins, scissors, walking foot, sewing books, a Bodum® of coffee (or two), and a whole bunch of time spent distracted investigating this thing called four way stretch.  

Happy Sewing!  

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