Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Year in Review...

What a year 2015 turned out to be sewing wise! I used over a hundred metres of fabric from my stash but there shouldn't be any back patting going on since I've also added just as much back more than what I busted back into the stash. An epic fail on the goal to use fabric from my stash. My bad. Moving on, I did manage to make just over 50 items this year.  

It was a tough year as my sewing mojo disappeared in the beginning of the year. I struggled to find the joy in sewing, dealing with wrist / hand pain, and trying to get control of my weight throughout the year. Sewing competed with finding time to exercise and family obligations.

I also continued with the RTW Fast this year and struggled with staying on track. I stumbled when it came to clothing for the gym and also picked up a swimsuit. As the year progressed and I had a rotation of exercise gear to keep me going through the week, I found that I didn't miss shopping for clothes and I really wouldn't mind continuing next year.

I did find some joy in sewing little girl dresses this summer when Lynn Mizono designed a reversible dress that is too cute for words. The joy of sewing little girl dresses quickly disappeared when I was asked to make a Laura Ashley girls and 18" doll dress with tiny little seams and rolled hems while working with a swollen hand and wrist. The hand and wrist issues certainly played a part in my lost mojo along with being asked to sew for others. Always a mojo-killer.   

Projects that I hoped to sew at the beginning of the year did not materialize. Those jeans, winter coat and the Chanel-inspired jacket are still in the dream stage this late in the game. Even that Sybil Connolly coat is still sitting on my mannequin waiting for some passion to return to the sewing room. Maybe 2016 will be a more creative year?  

I did manage to get some sewing done. Simple projects were the theme this year. Here is how it broke down. 

There weren't any "wow" garments made this year but at least I had more hits than misses. The misses tended to be items made in poor quality of fabric that were prone to pilling.  


As far as goals go for the upcoming year, I just have one. I want to rediscover the joy in sewing again. 

Happy Sewing and Happy New Year!  


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  1. Love your charts and analysis...I am happy to hear your mojo is sticking around.


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