Monday, 21 December 2015

Monday's Mending Pile

Recently, I mentioned that I don't like mending my own clothes and as you can imagine my mending pile has again gotten out of control. I guess things happen for a reason as it made me realize that it is high time that I sat down and got to work. There are some favourite pieces that have been neglected in the mending pile. Like this Marcy Tilton jacket.  

Vogue 8709: a 2011 vintage make.
Goodness, it has been a long time since that hair colour!  
It has been in the mending pile for over six months which is quite sad because I like this jacket. I tore a hole in the sleeve near the placket when it got caught on the door at work. Luckily, I still have some small pieces of this fabric and thought that I could patch it.

I was able to repair the tears by hand-stitching after pre-treating the tear with Fray-Check® without making a patch. To do this I used a slip stitch (blind stitch) but instead of stitching from the outside of the garment, I stitched from the inside. No fray strands of thread showed because they were pre-treated. 

Of course, when I thought I was finished mending the left sleeve and was ironing the jacket, I noticed the right sleeve had a similar repair to do. Oi!  

Now that this is ready to wear again, I think I will take this out of my work clothes rotation. I like this one too much to risk another rip and trip to the mending pile.

Happy Sewing!

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