Saturday, 23 August 2014

Lynn Mizono Dress

Fabric:     3 metres

Pattern:    Vogue 1410

Thread:    Polished off another spool of thread.

Elastic:     1 metre of elastic cord

Cord Stopper:    1

Oh my gosh, I actually laughed when I saw the shape of the pattern pieces when I first opened this pattern. My hips were begging the rest of my body to do a happy dance. And I do believe that I did give into that plea. I didn't have to worry about this dress fitting over my hips!   

There are only two pattern pieces, front and back. The armhole and neckline are finished with a roll hem. I did have some bias tape in my stash that I was thinking about using around the neckline and armholes but the narrow hem worked fine.

I really like this pattern. I'm quickly becoming a huge Lynn Mizono fan.  This is the third Mizono design that I have constructed and I like them all.  The dress is constructed with french seams and the total seam allowance ends up being 3/4" (1/4" trimmed to 1/8" then sewn 1/2"). The large seam allowances hold the inner buttons that allow for draping and adjustable lengths. I didn't include the inner buttons or hemline buttonhole since I just plan to wear this at the longest length. The dress also drapes with the front elastic cord and stopper in place.

The fabric I picked up the in home decor department. It is a lightweight 100% polyester that has been embroidered.

It is not the recommended fabric for this project. Instead, this pattern recommends fabrics (stretch poplin, seersucker, silk dupioni, and lightweight wool crepe) that have more drape. I do have some silk and wool crepe in my stash but I wanted to try a version out first before I cut into my good fabric.   I know my fabric choice is unconventional and I'm good with that.

I found that I didn't need 3 metres of fabric as suggested on the pattern envelope. I used about 2.4 metres and even managed to cut out large patch pockets with the scraps. That said, I did shorten the pattern.  

The dress pulls together quite quickly. I made this in an afternoon. I spent some time basting the fold and stitching lines. Totally unnecessary if I chose a different fabric I only did it because of the slippery-ness of my fabric.

I think if I were to change anything on this pattern it would be to change the shape of the neckline. I would certainly raise the front neckline and shorten the shoulder seam. I actually took in the shoulder seam another 5/8" after trying it on. Minor changes and an easy fix. And for sure I would add pockets again. I actually copied Demented Fairy's dress that has pockets added--it was a great idea!

Happy Sewing!


  1. recommended fabric? who has time for that! I love this.

  2. I'm still on the fence about making this one up for myself - yours is really cute!

  3. Ohh. This is so nice. the shape is interesting and flattering. You choose a wonderful fabric. Fabulous!

  4. Great fabric choice, and flattering shape! Love it!

  5. I saw the picture of the pattern pieces first and was shocked! Then I saw your finished picture and I had a hard time putting the two together. It looks so much better on you than the pattern shows. It must be the not-recommended fabric choice!

  6. Creative, funky, fun dress! I love this and enjoyed the glimpse of those pattern pieces.


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