Saturday, 16 August 2014

Even more sewing bloopers!

Oh my goodness, I don't know that is wrong with me. Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm trying to give up coffee. This is proving to be a curve ball to my sewing activities. It is a good thing that I avoid sewing for others especially at these trying times!  

This is my latest sewing blooper, lining a bodice sleeveless bodice to a bodice front and bodice back that has already been sewn to the skirt portion and has an invisible zipper sewn in. Yeah, I couldn't turn it over. Duh!  

Now, I will admit that I did stray from the pattern instructions. The instructions clearly state that I should sew the bodice, sew the lining and then turn over before sewing the skirt and zipper. What can I say, ever since cutting back on my coffee consumption I've become a rebel. I wanted an invisible zipper not the lap zipper that the pattern suggests. A rebel, I tell you!    

So, I had to spend a good chunk of time taking apart my seams, which I had already clipped! Thankfully it worked out in the end. I opened up my armhole seams, pressed the seam allowances on the fashion and lining fabrics. Pinned and started hand stitching them together.  

Here's hoping there are no more sewing bloopers on this latest project. I'm working on out-of-print, McCall's 9264. More time will tell.  

Happy Sewing Hand-sewing!  

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  1. Sorry!! I have to laugh because I have my own bloopers happening here in Tucson.


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