Sunday, 23 February 2014

Decisions, Decisions! Bold and Beautiful Buttons

I am making this jacket again. It is Vogue 1263, a Donna Karan design. I should correct that statement: I'm making this jacket right after I finish my Sybil Connolly dress.

I would really like to put a large button onto the latest version of this jacket. And I spent this week looking for a large button that I wanted to use. I found it but I also found another large button that I think just might work better with my fabric. Hmmm... 

Which button do you think I should use? I like them both which is making it a tough decision.     


  1. Oooh. I think I would need to see them paired with the jacket. Cute buttons though!

  2. Is that the fabric underneath them? If so I think the big rectangle would look great but either would look good really. Good for you for making an off white jacket too!

  3. Oooh, I like the rectangle button best, do you have a pic with the fabric and buttons?

  4. Yes, the photo of the buttons has the cream coloured fabric underneath it. I love the thought of making a off-white/cream coloured jacket but if you saw how dirty my car is right now you would think I was off my rocker. It is too cold to take it to the car wash. Maybe, fingers crossed, it will warm up so I can clean the car by the time I have this project done.

  5. I like the rectangle button the best also. It's such an interesting size and shape.


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