Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Things were not at all festive this past Christmas. I have to try to make up for that this holiday. And this is how I tried to do it.  

The fabric is scraps left over from my skirt. It is a printed cotton fabric that I found in the home decor department. The cut up pieces are padding scraps left over from the mattress pad I made for Mama R. And the white twill tape was found in my stash.  

I cut out a heart shape free-hand and then copied it for the other side. With wrong sides together I sewed them up with a blanket stitch leaving a small opening to stuff them. Once they were stuffed I took them back to the sewing machine to close off the opening.  

I've made a whole bunch of them so I can heart-bomb the house this Valentine's Day!

Happy Sewing!

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