Wednesday, 12 February 2014

In Sewing News Today...

There hasn't been much sewing again this week... I'm still working on this dress. It has been taking me forever to finish.

I've already decided that I will never make this dress ever again. The details are driving my crazy. I know it's the details that makes this dress so fabulous. But seriously, eight darts in the bodice lining! Really?   

And I forgot to cut a lining piece for the band that is suppose to go right under the darts. And I don't think I have any more of this fabric left. I'm exhausted by this dress. So it is sitting on the dress form as I move onto something new.

I'm doing a small craft project for the upcoming holiday.

We're in desperate need of some cheerfulness to help fight this deep-freeze and windchill that does not want to quit. I even find it too cold to sew when I come in from outside.

It has been so bone-chilling cold that I cut out another pair of pants using Vogue 1325. It is a heavier weight wool than the other three I have sitting in my closet.

Hopefully, these new pairs will keep me warm through this last stretch of winter.

Happy Sewing! (And stay warm.)

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  1. I've wanted that pattern and have been watching hearing about all those darts, I'm thinking twice! Cute Valentines!


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