Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Some of My Favourite Resources

Share a free pattern, share some vintage sewing resources, share a tutorial or share some great sewing resource links!
Here are some of my favourite sewing resources and links:

Invisible zipper:

Eugenia hasn't blogged in over two years but she's still listed in my blog roll because of the information she has posted about invisible zippers. You can find this information here.

There is also Norma Bucko's article, Sew Invisible Zippers Like a Pro, which appeared in Threads August/September 2011. I have to admit there are several Threads magazines that are part of my go-to resources and this article is a real gem. Not only does Bucko state the benefits of using an "invisible zipper foot made specifically for your sewing machine" she also demonstrates that there is no need to fear if you can not find one at your local sewing machine dealer. Bucko has detailed instructions for installing an invisible zipper with a standard zipper foot. Don't have a hard copy of the September 2011 issue number 156? Don't fret, you can find it online if you are a Thread's insider.

Hand-picked zipper:

I've book-marked this site on my computer because this is a technique that I would like to try.  Neeno over at Sew Me Love has a wonderful tutorial (Good-bye Invisible Zippers & Hello Handpicking!) on hand-pick zippers and she has the most beautiful photographs too.


My favourite tutorial for gussets is found in a sewing pattern, Vogue 1043. The pattern comes with excellent instructions for this style feature.

And I really do consider my 1980 copy of Vogue Sewing as one of my most valuable sewing resources. Vogue Sewing has good instructions and information about gussets. Between my Vogue Sewing and Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing I can find the answers to most of my questions by the turn of a page. I can't recommend enough how valuable a good resource book has been to my sewing.


I love vintage sewing patterns because back-in-the-day dresses were underlined!  I find vintage patterns a rich resource for not-commonly-used sewing techniques.  Even if I don't use the pattern, I often find the instructions a rich source of information and inspiration.

Gertie did a segment on underlining skirts on the program It's Sew Easy. You can view it here.

Well, those are some of my favourite resources.

Happy Sew Grateful Week!

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