Saturday, 8 February 2014

Cardigan Sweater

Stash busting 2014:  McCall's 6844

Fabric:     1.7 metre knit fabric

Thread:    I used up some blue thread that has been kicking around in my thread stash for some time and just used some black thread for the overlock machine.


This is another fabric that has been in my stash for a long time. I believe I purchased this fabric from Fanny Fabrics when they were closing their doors many moons ago.

I used this fabric as a wearable muslin as I tried out McCall's 6844. This sweater won't be my last. I do like this pattern but for me it is not perfect. Close, very close, but not perfect.

This is a petite-able pattern but foolishly I chose to not to use the petite adjustment markings. I cut version B out at first and then decided that it was too long and re-cut the hemline using version A's hemline markings. I know that the dropped back hemline is the look of the moment but I'm not really sold that it is the look for me. I don't hate it, I could just take it or leave it. I think on the next one I will leave it.

I didn't like the wide shoulder seam and dropped armhole. I did go back and take in the armhole at the upper sleeve cap. On the next make I will reshape this area perhaps going down a couple of sizes. Otherwise, I do like the fit.

I agree with others that this cardigan does not need any interfacing and I'm glad I followed the advice of others who worked with this pattern before me.

Until the next one, Happy Sewing!      


  1. Ooh I lovethe fabric! I think I'm the only person who's made this pattern and not loved it but it seems to look great on everyone else

    1. I'm not 100% sold on this pattern either. But I think I can work with it and make some modifications. Sorry to read it didn't work for you. And the fabric, it has been in my stash for ages and lots of it! I also made a dress, the post is coming up in a couple of days. And I still have more left that I can easily make another dress. It must have been on sale dirt cheap when Fanny Fabrics was closing down. Otherwise I don't believe I would have bought this much yardage.

  2. The fabric is awesome. I bet the cardi is very comfortable to wear!

    1. It is! I have enough fabric to throw on some pockets. Pockets would make it perfect for work.


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