Monday, 13 January 2014

Merrily Mending Away: Unhooked

Calvin Klein Soft Cup Contour Bra
Also available at Nordstrom
My days have been spent doing the physio therapy exercises, eating, napping, reading The Best Laid Plans, and icing my knee while working on that enormous mending pile.

Today's item wasn't even in the mending pile because it has been part of my wardrobe rotation. Yes, my bras were in need of some alterations. Well, since my recent days have been lounging around in my pajamas it was the perfect time to mend these bras.

One of the most comfortable bras that I have found are Calvin Klein soft cup wireless bras. I have five of them in my wardrobe, that is how comfortable I find them.

They are almost perfect. The only thing that drives me absolutely bananas about these bras is the little hook in the back that allows you to change it to a criss-cross racerback style bra.

I never use this feature. My shoulders which hold my chicken wing arms are not exactly my most appealing feature. But I digress...

It drives me crazy because it hooks onto some of my favourite knits and I fear that one day I'm going to damage a favourite sweater beyond repair. My thought was to purchase bra hoops to replace these hooks but I found a even more economic solution.

The hook was slipped into the upper elastic strap. It was a snug fit and took some maneuvering but it fit.

And then I stitched! It is not the most perfect job that I could have achieved. There is that little bumpy thing (the hook) hiding under that strap. Ideally, I should have dug out the seam ripper removed the hook from the strap and replaced it with a ring without the hook feature and then re-stitch the strap.

But I didn't and this is a perfect example as to why I don't do mending and alterations for others. Too much trouble when you can easily take a passable short-cut. Today, I'm all about passable short-cuts and just getting my own mending and alterations done.  

Happy Sewing Mending!

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