Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Merrily Mending Away: Favourite Vintage Sweater

Do you ever hold on to a favourite item even when it is out of commission? Out of commission for years that is...

I do. That would be this item.

It is a vintage cashmere turtleneck tie-dyed sweater that has strategic overlock stitching to cover up miscellaneous imperfections. I picked this sweater up at Courage My Love, a favourite vintage haunt in Toronto--way back-in-the-day. This sweater is decades old.

I never once considered giving it away. I thought, one of these years when I finally sit down and tackle this mending pile, I will have this sweater back in my wardrobe rotation. And can you believe it, the day finally came. There was a big gapping hole at the underarm seam and a little hole developing on the sleeve seam on the other arm.

Icing my knee after doing my exercises is the perfect opportunity to do some hand stitched mending. Yes, I could have easily whipped this through the sewing machine. But let's get serious, I haven't done that in all this time so why would I do that now?

I don't know, there is something quite relaxing about sitting by the window with the sun shining as the needle glides from your finger into the fabric. And now I have another previous absent favourite back in my wardrobe.

Happy Sewing Mending!


  1. Lucky you to have this back into wearing mode, with just a few beautiful hand stitches. I am a shocker at perfecting a neat and tidy hand stitch ~ my dear old mother always called my attempts 'horse-teeth!' ... J

  2. Moms! Gotta love 'em. Mine can be brutally honest about my sewing, she's a tough client. But I love her to pieces.

    Yes, I'm quite thrilled to have this to wear again. :)


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