Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Easy Peasy!

Stash-busting 2014: The Tablecloth

Fabric:     2 metres of 100% cotton sateen. 

Thread:   A bit of green thread that has been lingering in the thread stash for many moons. There is still some left on the spool.   

Sewing Goals Achieved with this project:   None, I guess I'm starting the year off slow.   

Equipment used for this project:  Janome sewing machine, scissors, iron, ironing board, and an universal sewing machine needle. 


At my local fabric store there is a whole section of "table cloth" fabrics. They are usually plasticly polyester type fabrics. Yup, they tend to be on the yucky side.  

Not this one, I made this tablecloth using 100% cotton sateen that I found at Mitchell Fabrics. It has been in my stash for almost a year. I actually picked this fabric up with the intention of making a shirt. It is super wide and labelled as sheet/bedding fabric. I thought the fabric and soft green colour was gorgeous. And that changed when a request came in for a tablecloth. I didn't have anything wide and long enough for a tablecloth without piecing it together so there went my gorgeous sateen fabric. It worked perfectly for the tablecloth.  

Super easy to whip up.  I clipped the selvage and ripped to create a straight cross length grain. The sewing machine was set up so that I wouldn't be sitting the whole time. Then I pressed and sewed up a narrow hem.  The other edges were selvage edges that I left alone.

Easy peasy! Somedays you gotta love easy projects.

Happy Sewing!


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