Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sew Much to Sew...

Sew much to sew, but what to sew?

I have a few projects sitting in my sewing drawer. They make me feel a wee bit guilty every time I open the drawer.  Some of these projects have been here for some time.

McCall's 8525 is a pattern I cut out earlier this year after I made my first stash busting project of 2013. Waking up to minus twenty-two temperatures this morning you would think I would want to get this done.

I also have two projects cut out in the yellow and black polka dot fabric.

McCall's 7367 is an asymmetrical jumpsuit for a baby. I know of a few wee bundles of joy expected to arrive later this year and baby showers to attend. Sew, I really should get this one done too.

Then there is Vogue 1306, a knit top that I ordered almost a year ago. It has been cut out for some time now but I've been second guessing my fabric choice for this tee-shirt.

And hiding in the bottom of the pile is Butterick 5561 cut out in a green polyester. It has been sitting in the sewing drawer for I don't know how long. I lost count.

Never mind sewing projects that I have to get to for other people. There are two more men's shirts to make using McCall's 2447. And Mama R has been hinting for a new dress. She's a tough client, she'll say she likes whatever dress I've finished but then some of them (yeah, there has been more than one) will end up in the recyle/donate pile of clothes leaving me with a feeling of discouragement that I'll ever create something for her in a perfect pattern or fit. And there is some fabric she picked out for another pair of curtains.

Do you ever just look at projects you have waiting to get done and just can't seem motivated to start? That is how I'm feeling right now. I want to get them done but there is another part of me that has lost my sewing mojo.

I hope it returns soon. Until then, Happy Sewing.


  1. I'm there with you! I have a wee pile that I need to start, and you know what? I just keep ignoring them for something newer and more exciting!

  2. I'm there, too... don't worry, you are not alone... I also kinda postpone the sewing part, and just watch what other bloggers are doing, and then house chores, family, take the rest of the time.... But I will sew again, maybe tomorrow? ;)

  3. Busy busy ... I know what you mean, I felt like this last week

  4. You are not alone!!! I am putting off sewing by doing some knitting. Hmmm, what excuse can I use next?

    God bless.


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