Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Reasons Why I Sew: Reason #2

Reason #2:  The quest for good fit, or my left side of my waistline is not higher than the right side of my waistline.

I picked up these tee-shirts because they were wool and have long sleeves. I live in Winnipeg where they are predicting flurries are on their way. And working at job that involves recess duty I'm in need of cold weather clothing, STAT!

I bought these tee-shirts where there are no change rooms and I'll admit I did not inspect them too closely. If I had tried them on at the store they wouldn't have made it on the trip home.

It had a made in Canada label, not a made in China label and I foolishly thought that meant some sort of quality check was in place. Boy, was I wrong. Crazy cutting and sewing can be found in all parts of the world.

Problem #1:  The waistline curve is not horizontally aligned.

Problem #2:  The length from the underarm seam to the hemline is off by half an inch!

It is really noticeable when I put it on, you'll have to take my word on that one.

Even though I was going to use them as winter undershirts it is just not comfortable.

Problem #3:  The armholes are not the same shape.

The tee-shirts are going back to the store which is too bad because they are made out of 100% wool.  And they would have been perfect for work if only they had a good fit.

And they are made out of a fabric that I haven't seen in any local fabric stores.

Too bad.

There you have Reason #2 of Reasons Why I Sew.


  1. These certainly are 2 dud tops! Take them straight back...

  2. Sorry, but you bought merino wool. There is no way on this earth that you will find that fabric in any fabric store because it's used for functional T-shirts for mountaineers and climbers.
    And if it was cheap, you got yourself a very lucky find, even though the sleeves are a bit off. A simple merino shirt usually costs 100 EUR. It's a special fabric that's extremely thin, keeps you very warm, dries super fast and doesn't smell bad when you sweat.
    So, I would just be happy with my merino, go hiking and forget about that half inch that don't make anyway no difference in the mountains.

  3. I do know that I bought merino wool and the wonderful qualities of this fabric are listed on the attached labels (machine washable, resists odours, quick-drying, breathable, sustainable resource, and locally made). It would be wonderful to find this fabric in a store. It is soft and lightweight. Sigh.

    Maybe I did come across as being too picky but I feel that comfort is more than fabric that keeps you very warm and dry. I think fit plays a role there too and these do not fit well. That is why they are going back to the store.

    Besides, I didn't buy them to go hiking in the mountains. Although that does sound lovely. I live in the Canadian prairies (it is flat out here) where it can occasionally get a wee bit chilly and I'll have a few outdoor recess duties to work through.

  4. What a pity!
    I hate to contradict Irac above, but you can buy merino wool fabric in most stores here in Australia... probably because Merino sheep are pretty plentiful ;) It is not outrageously expensive either. Try contacting the Fabric Store .... is the page with the merinos... good luck! :)


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