Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Reasons Why I Sew : Reason #1

Reason #1:  I don't have lopsided boobs.

This is a picture I took in the change room. I liked this retro looking jacket. It has a back pleat that I that I thought was a cute detail along with the double breasted front buttons. And I also liked the 50% off sign just above the display.

So even though I don't need a jacket, I did try it on.

I don't usually take photos in the change room but I had to show you this.  Do you notice anything wrong in this picture?

Yea, the darts!

I know that I recently turned fifty but seriously, the girls have not sagged that much. Okay, joking aside.

How did this product make it to the store shelf?

Not only are the darts ill-placed they are not even.

Don't people inspect garments anymore before they leave the factory floor?

No wonder it was 50% off.

I can't even single this item because recently I've been noticing quite a few obvious garment construction errors that have been hitting the store floors.

So there you have it, Reason #1 of Reasons Why I Sew.  


  1. Good spotting! I think 'quality-control' is a thing of the past...

  2. It';sw harder and harder to buy retail after working on your own things- so many things you wouldn't want people to think that you did yourself!


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