Thursday, 18 June 2020

Replacement Top: OOP Butterick 5891

Many moons ago I had a favourite top that I wore mostly in the summer months. Until I put it on with damp and recently dyed hair that stained it. That stuff doesn't come off of fabric. It was made with Katherine Tilton's Butterick 5891 and a wonderful black and white cotton fabric. I don't have the exact fabric print in my stash or left-over remnant but I did find two cuts that were quite similar. And since I've decided to let my hair do its natural thing (hello gorgeous gray highlights!) I figure it was safe to recreate a similar top.  

I had to blend the two cuts of fabric to create another top.  The front, sleeves and collar were cut in this flowers and swirls print.  

The back and pockets were cut in a floral and dots print. The fabrics were pre-treated with a tumble through the wash followed by the dryer before hitting the cutting table.  

I typically shorten the sleeve length on commercial sewing patterns but not with this one.  The sleeves were sewn with a two inch hem. The pockets were raised an inch. I omitted the interior button and loop.  No other alterations or changes to the pattern were made.  

The perfect buttons were found in the stash. It's nice to have a similar version top back in the wardrobe.  

Project Details

Seams:  2.6 straight stitch length

Seam Finish:  Serged interior, top-stitched narrow hems.  

Tips:  If you dye your hair, dry it before getting dressed.  

Fabric:  3 metres (112 cm width)

Buttons:  3 - 18 mm

Label:  1 "me made" by Kylie and the Machine

Additional Tools and Supplies:  Cutting table, pins, scissors, pin cushions, tailor's chalk, measuring tape, measuring gauge, sewing machine, buttonhole foot, thread clippers, threads, serger, tweezers, new serger sewing machine needle, hand sewing needle and tea.  

Stay Safe, Be Kind and Happy Sewing!



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