Monday, 16 December 2019

My Sewing Top Fives: Fabric Hits and Miss

Fabric Hits

Hits and Misses where not limited to pattern construction, fabric choice played a key role in the success or fail of a project.  

This medium weight 100% cotton shirting fabric finally made it out of the stash earlier this year. It was an absolute pleasure to work with and it only highlighted how much I miss the fabric selection offered at Mitchell Fabrics.

I couldn't imagine a life where one is allergic to wool. That would be so sad as there are so many wonderful qualities of wool and it is one of my favourite fabrics to sew with,

Cork fabric.  Who knew it could be this easy to sew?

I'm not a faux leather fan.  It's the real stuff that I want to sew. Sadly, it's difficult to find in this part of the sewing world.  Fabricland sold a prepackaged small rectangular piece suede for an arm and a leg without a membership (an arm with a membership). It's more economical to find an old leather jacket and salvage the precious fabric.

Linen.  Need I say more?

Fabric Fail

There were a few, maybe three items made with a polyester fabric which have all been quick to pill. I've been on a path to eliminate man-made fibres from my wardrobe but I do have a few pieces in the stash that were used in my 2019 sewing. It just highlighted how much I prefer to sew and create with natural fibre fabrics.  

I think what surprised me at this look-back is that I didn't manage to cut into some beautiful yardage from Emma One Sock.  I have a beautiful denim waiting to turn into a pair of jeans.  Maybe next year?  I still have to decide on a pattern and finalize a muslin.  

Happy Sewing!  

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