Thursday, 12 December 2019

Make Do, Mix and Match Pattern Pieces: Pajamas

I didn't have a specific pattern for this project but I certainly can make do with more than enough pattern pieces on hand.  I was able to mix and match to create a pajama set.  

The pajama bottoms were made with the pants pattern from out-of-print (OOP) vintage McCall's 8548, circa 1996.  They have an elastic waistband and are roomy enough for any little monkey who wants to jump on the bed.  

The shirt is a combination of McCall's 6548 and OOP McCall's 8548.  I used the collar, front and back from McCall's 6548 and used the sleeve pattern piece from OOP McCall's 8548.  It was a perfect fit! No tweaking necessary.  It was like the OOP McCall's 8548 sleeve pattern piece was made for McCall's 6548.  

Call me frugal if you must, but I'm super thrilled that I was able to create this pajama set without dishing out for a new pattern.  The only changes that were made besides mixing and matching pattern pieces was lengthening the hem on the shirt.  

The fabric might look familiar as these are the third pair of pajamas that I was able to make with this beautiful 100% cotton.  It was the last of this cotton and it was pretreated before hitting the cutting table.  The buttons are vintage from when Eaton's closed down.  It felt great to use things from the stash.  

The Stats

Fabric:  1.3 metres

Elastic:  1.15 metres 

Buttons:  3 

Patterns:  McCall's 6548 and OOP McCall's 8548

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Iron, ironing board, pins, scissors, tailor's chalk, buttonhole cutter, cutting board, clapper, seam ripper, sewing machine, walking foot, buttonhole foot, threads, hand sewing needle, measuring tape, measuring gauge, ruler, thread clippers, safety pins, and tea with cookies.  

Happy Sewing!


  1. I am always amazed at how you mix and match pattern pieces. Love the pjs.

    God bless.

  2. It's easy and it makes me happy when a project works out. I get a real kick out using what I have on hand. Hope the little fella that these pjs will be going to loves them too.


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