Monday, 19 December 2016

Kids Were Stylish Back in 1968

Okay, kids are pretty darn cute at any age but check out this bathrobe pattern from 1968. 

This is vintage McCall's 9278 that I found in my Mom's pattern stash. She can't remember making this up but the pattern is cut and I do remember Mom sewing for us when we were small. I'm sure she made up pyjamas because I don't recall ever having a robe when we were small.  

Well, I made the boys' version of the robe for a work colleagues' son. I took a second job as a Santa's helper. It's a volunteer job but the joy of sewing cute mini-versions of clothing is priceless. I work with some wonderful people who entertain my occasional desire to sew mini-items every now and then.   

Let me just say, if you happen to stumble across this pattern on Etsy or Ebay and are wondering if you should pick it up. The answer is yes! I think this pattern is the cat's meow. 

The fabric was a bargain centre find--100% cotton waffle weave. I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted this bolt--I actually picked up the whole bolt. This fabric is out of my budget if I were to pick it up at regular price--so it was a no brainer when I spotted in the bargain centre. There was a little bit of fading at the centre where it was folded but I avoided that with my pattern placement. You can't tell on the final project. The fabric was pre-shrunk with a tumble through the washing machine and dryer and pressed on a cotton and steam setting. Would you believe that I have enough fabric for another size six robe and another adult sized robe. Mama R has already put in a request for one in this fabric.  

The Stats:  

Fabric:  1.4 metres

Interfacing:  0.6 metres fusible interfacing.  

Buttons:  6 vintage buttons

Pattern:  OOP Vintage McCall's 9278

Additional Tools and Supplies:  Sewing machine, serger, threads (for the sewing machine, serger and hand-stitching), pins, cutting table, scissors, clippers, tweezers, walking foot, buttonhole foot, iron, ironing board, tailor's ham, chai tea, coffee, and some good tunes.  

Happy Sewing! 

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  1. That's an adorable pattern and a beautifully sewn robe!


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