Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Not So Favourite Makes of 2016

Hello lovely people, I'm back again with a look back at 2016. It wasn't all perfect sewing this year. I've had my fair share of sewing bloopers.

#1.  The BCBG Copy-Cat Dress 

Oh yes, this dress. This is McCall's 7402 and I thought it would be the perfect pattern to recreate a look I saw on the RTW landscape. Sometimes I forget that I'm not as tall as those models that the pattern company's hire to photograph in their creations.  It was an epic fail on me.  

#2.  It All Worked Out In the End Dress

Okay, this one, OOP Butterick 5760, is still in my wardrobe and even though there were quite a few mistakes that occurred during the creation of this shirtdress, it really did turn out in the end. It is my reminder to don't give up. No one notices the patched up cut under the collar or the interior pockets that had to be mended and patched up.  

#3.  Grrrr!

This was my first 2016 attempt at making a wrap dress with a new pattern. I found a vintage wrap dress pattern, OOP Vogue 7014, without a waistline seam and thought I found the holy grail of wrap dresses. I was wrong, it needed tweaking as it still hugged my body in places I wish it didn't, revealing body bits I didn't want to reveal. I didn't give up there were more versions to come.  I'm just sad that I used up this animal print knit fabric.  

#4.  The Betty White Tribute

Oh yes, my Betty White tribute outfit in pink velour. What was I thinking? Well, they do make comfy pyjamas. The pattern, hold onto your seat, Vogue 9193, was my partner in crime. Yup, this is a Marcy Tilton design. Comfortable, but just not a good look on me.   

#5.  Help, I'm Drowning!

Oh boy, sometimes I goof of the size that I should cut out. This is OOP Vogue 8710, a Katherine Tilton design with a whole lot of ease. I cut a size medium when I should have cut a small or maybe even a extra-small.  

#6.  I'm in Denial of My Body Shape

OOP Vogue 7014 makes another appearance on the list when I didn't account for the right amount of ease. On this second attempt, I omitted the darts, but I still could use more ease, or more sit-ups?   

#7.  Unknown Fibre Content = Unknown Future Problems

I actually like this dress, a creation of using two favourite Vogue patterns. It is the fabric choice that pushes this make onto the not-so-favourite-makes list. This fabric was not listed with any fibre content rather a cute name to describe this horrible fabric. It is called a Techno knit and it did not preform well at all. I like the somewhat spongy feel, the colour, the sheen, and the fact that it was on sale, which fooled me into thinking it was worth my hard-earned money. It pilled and became damaged in noticeable areas and quickly ended up in the trash. Lesson learned, stay away from those man-made mystery fabrics.  

#8.  Long-Armed Robe

Oh my goodness, what was I thinking when I neglected to adjust the sleeve length?  This make is not perfect and will have to be tweaked.  I'm going to have to shorten the hem length so I don't trip and those sleeves.  What was I thinking?

Oh well, I hope you had a good laugh looking back at my 2016 bloopers. I'm not perfect when I'm sewing, but I'm having fun. And that is what it's all about, right?  

Happy Sewing!  

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