Saturday, 3 December 2016

Oooo, Silk!

Before I get started on the coat, I have one project to show 'n tell. Mama R's latest top is made in silk. I actually finished this last month but didn't have a chance to take photos and blog about it until now.

The top is another version using out-of-print (OOP) Butterick 5561.

Not a whole lot to say about the construction. There was the usual adjustment to the hem and shortening of the sleeves. I thought that the latest adjustment to the raglan sleeves was enough to raise and tighten the neckline so Mama R didn't feel exposed but she managed to mention that this one also sits too low. I give up!

I will say that this lovely silk fabric is lighter than the other fabrics that I used on the previous versions so that may contribute to the feeling that the neckline sits low.

I recently found this fabric at Northwest / Marshall's Fabrics in the bridal section. Even though it is a silk fabric I threw caution to the wind and pre-treated it with a tumble through the washing machine and dryer on the delicate cycle. I finished with a light pressing on the silk setting. No issues to report on the pre-treatment of this fabric.

The Stats:  

Fabric:  1.8 metres

Fusible Interfacing:  0.4 metres

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Sewing machine, serger, thread clippers, thread for the serger, sewing machine and hand-stitching, hand needle, new sewing machine needle, cutting table, pins, iron, ironing board, tailor's ham, sleeve ham, some radio listening, wrist brace, chocolates, and coffee.

Happy Sewing!


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