Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Tackling That Ever Growing Mending Pile

Part III

Sometimes my mending and alteration pile increases in size with things that aren't even my own. I have no problem saying no to other people's mending except when it comes to my parents. 

Papa R never asks me to hem pants. Mama R does that for him. If you were to ask Papa R he would say that he doesn't need anymore pants but Mama R makes sure he looks as good as she does. So two pairs of pants found their way to my work table this weekend. I had to endure his complaining, "it's good enough," while I sat on the floor pinning his pants. Of course I was disturbing him with this task during one of his favourite television shows, The Price is Right. How dare I?  

Thankfully, Papa R played along and I was able to pin the pants to Mama R's satisfaction. Once they were done I showed him and he comments that he could have done it with scissors and tape. Obviously, I didn't not inherit my love of sewing from my dad.  

✄ ✄ ✄

The next item was a recently made item for Mama R. She requested a different elastic waist treatment for the skirt I made for her. Bless her heart she took out the stitching for me.  

I used the same elastic but instead of sewing a casing and then running the elastic through, I marked off the centre front and side seams on both the elastic and skirt.  

Stretching the elastic I zig-zag stitched in to the upper served edge. Then I used a stretch stitch to secure the lower edge of the elastic to the skirt. I then folded over the elastic towards the wrong side of the fabric and stitched in place. This worked out to be a much more flattering finish. The gathers sat evenly and appeared less bulky.  

I have to admit I like this method better than the one given on the pattern directions.   

Another three items knocked off the mending and alterations pile, made it feel like a productive weekend. How about you? Do other's mending and alterations projects end up on your sewing table?  

Happy Sewing!  

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  1. I do not like mending. Do. Not. Like.

    But I have a PILE and I really need to get to it. I have a week-long trip scheduled for work next week and plan to take a few of my smaller mending projects along (1 pair of pants that need the hem fixed on one leg and FOUR pair that need hook & eyes replaced!). I have other things that need the sewing machine but those are things I'll take along with me. And a few patterns to cut out. :)


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