Friday, 24 October 2014


This is the beautiful winter coat that Mama R and I found while we were out shopping. Like most RTW items that Mama R finds, it required quite a few  alterations.  

In this photo, the sleeves are in mid-alteration stage but I wanted to snap a photo to show the length of the hem. I wish Mama R would have allowed a before photo because you wouldn't believe this is a size 12 they way she was drowning in the length. But it fit beautifully in the shoulders. 

At the time, it seemed like a reasonable project. Of course, I wasn't thinking about how much I dislike doing alterations. I was smitten with the vintage feel of the style and the shape of that collar.  

"Sure", I said when asked if it could be altered.

The coat had a lovely drape, it was fully lined and even had a removable liner for extra warmth. This would work as a spring coat as well. 

The sleeves were the biggest pain of all the fix-ups. I cut off about four inches and then turned them up another 1 3/8" along with adjusting the sleeve lining. The sleeves had a mock sleeve vent which is hardly noticeable and inner buttons that had to be moved for the inner liner.  

The coat length was shortened by nine inches and there was a back vent that Mama R wanted closed. There is now a 1" hem on the coat and the lining is another inch shorter.  

The inner liner was much less complicated and time consuming. It required a simple hem on the sleeves and bottom.  

To be completely honest there were more than a few moments that I thought about giving up on this project. It is not my favourite kind of sewing. But I'm glad that I stuck it out. Mama R is pleased with how it turned out and I'm pleased that I can do some actual sewing--the non-alteration kind.

Happy Sewing!  


  1. What a vintage find! Wow, I love this coat.

    1. I love it too, the collar detail is my favourite part of the coat. Mama R loves that it has a removable liner so that it can be used as a winter and spring coat.


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