Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sufferin' succotash!

My goodness, what is it with shipping costs?  

I once paid eight dollars to Vogue Patterns to ship out some patterns that arrived from a Canadian destination and had postage marked on the envelope that was less than two dollars. I was not impressed.  

Last week, Colette Patterns posted on their blog that they have lowered shipping costs and that international customers will especially notice a difference. Thrilled to read this, I went to order Moneta. Shipping costs for the one pattern came to eight dollars and sixty-five cents. Now if that was a lowered shipping cost, I would hate to think how much it was before. Then Colette Pattern posted another shipping cost related message again today. 
So many of you inquired about where to get Dahlia if you aren’t in the US and don’t want to deal with international shipping. I thought I’d post a rundown of retailers who may have it first in your area.
So I looked at the list, found a retailer located in Canada and proceed to check it out. Yes, they have the Moneta pattern and they ship. [small happy dance] But I was a little shocked to see that the price of the pattern is higher than Colette's own website and so is the shipping!  

Sufferin' Succotash! The total cost jumped to over thirty dollars. It's cheaper to order the pattern from Colette Patterns and deal with their international costs! And all because I'm not a fan of PDF patterns. I have to start drafting my own patterns.  

Happy Sewing!  



  1. Ugh I hear ya. Living in the Yukon, I'm sort of forced to order online more often, and boy is my wallet feeling the Canadian Shipping Cost Pinch. I don't understand how it can be that much more expensive to ship within our own country than from another one. :(

  2. I feel your pain. Live in a major city and I get many fabrics shipped from our southern neighbour. Sometimes I pay more for the shipping and customs than I do for the contents. I don't think there is a textile industry to protect here anymore. Club BMV is a rip off but apparently not as bad as getting Simplicity/New Looks delivered, now that Fabricland (Polyland) doesn't carry them. Oh well, if they want to cut down on their customer base, it will eventually be their funeral, right?

    1. True, I haven't ordered Simplicity patterns online and am missing them since Polyland (haha--so true) doesn't carry them anymore.

  3. I wanted 4 patterns from them, $17.95 shipping though means I'm not getting them. I checked how much for just one to New Zealand and its' 10.95; there will be no further pattern buying in my future I think. I have to like something a huge amount to get it in PDF form and I'm pretty sure if I get desperate I can remember enough to draft something similar.


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