Sunday, 26 October 2014

Colour Mama R Beautiful

A reader dropped an email regarding Mama R's recently altered coat. 
please, please try to get some colour into her life
I couldn't agree more.

It does seem like I have been sewing A LOT of black clothing for my mom. I would typically try to put my foot down and try to convince her towards another colour choice but social pressures have been influencing her requests lately.  

Mama R in the past few months has been asking for black clothing because she feared the worst. Her beloved brother was in the hospital for three and a half months and there was a great deal of praying that he would make it. Things were scary for part most of that time and fear set in and then the request for mourning coloured clothing. Thankfully, my uncle is home recovering and our prayers have been answered. Of course, he is still in our prayers for a full recovery. 

You see Mama R is a devote Catholic of Portuguese heritage. If you ever seen the comedy of The Portuguese Kids you'll get the gist of what it is like being Portuguese. She hasn't been asking for black clothes because she likes the colour black, it was to be ready if the worst happened and thankfully, it did not.

There is colour in Mama R's future. These are a few fabrics that are in queue for new dresses and jackets for Mama.

The cream/biege rose patterned fabric in the top left corner is set to become a jacket using Vogue 1385. The green fabric (top right) is for the same but will be my muslin (hopefully wearable muslin). And the floral medium weight cotton will be a dress using Mama R's all-time-favourite pattern, Simplicity 2372.

This satin back crepe fabric is waiting to be turned into a top so that Mama R can wear with her suit.  Not my favourite fabric to sew, but Mama R loves it. She wants it made out of Simplicity 2372.

An this blue and gold lightweight cotton will become another housedress. I wouldn't bet against Simplicity 2372 for this one but you never know if Mama R surprises us.   

So there we have it, these fabrics are the ones that are waiting to colour Mama R beautiful. Well, more beautiful than she already is... But right now, I'm selfishly sewing a dress for moi. Then I will get to work on the satin back crepe top for Mama.  

Happy Sewing!  

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  1. I lived in New Bedford, Mass. many years and know full well the black of mourning and how it is handled by the Portuguese. I also know their fabulous cuisine and can even cook a bit of it. Good to see the color.


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