Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Peek Inside My Sewing Drawers

I have seven projects cut, packed away in my sewing drawer and waiting to be taken to the sewing table and stitched up. But I have been busy with mending and alteration projects.

1.  This blouse with bow details is cut out in a mint coloured silk. The plan was to make it this summer and when I finished it to make a pair of cream coloured pants to go with it.  That didn't happen. Instead, it has been sitting in my sewing drawer for months.

If I can get this to the sewing table soon, it just might turn out to be a lovely holiday season item.   
2.  This lovely Sybil Connolly coat is cut and ready to go ever since is landed in the mail. Okay, maybe a couple of days afterwards. I have it cut out in a red sateen fabric as my test run. If all goes well, I will cut out another winter version. But first I have to make my test garment.  
3.  Here is another project that I cut out with plans to make and wear it this past summer. It didn't happen but if it does make it to the sewing table this season I can get some wear out of it.

And if I do recall the first version of this top was a quick sew.  
4.  Now this pattern I'm almost embarrassed to tell you has been cut out for years. Yes, I said years [holding head in shame].

I cut it out in a green polyester for Mama R after I made her a blue version. She wears the first version but complained that she didn't like the width of the hemline created by the front pleat. Now she says it is her most comfortable top. I guess it grew on her and that would be the motivation I might need to get it done.  
5.  [still holding head in shame] This dress has also been cut out for years. I do believe that I actually started transferring dots and squares before it returned to the drawer. I really like the fabric and the vintage style of the dress so I can't explain why it is taking me so long to get this project done.  
6.  Here is another project that I cut out this summer as soon as it arrived in the mail. It is cut out of some left-over cotton fabric to test out the fit. The plan was to make this version and if all works out I have a lovely cream coloured wool fabric in mind for a final version.  
7.  I had cut three versions of this men's shirt for one of my brothers. I made two but the navy and black print fabric remains cut and unsewn in my sewing drawer. My bad. 

I was just using fabric from my stash for years and it was shirt projects that I gifted to him. I wonder if my brother remembers that there is a third shirt coming?  

Well, I've confessed the dark side of my sewing. Sometimes I fall behind and neglect the projects I have in queue. The plan is once I get one more alteration project finished for Mama R, I will clear out the sewing drawer of these projects. And fingers crossed the plan is that I finish them by the end of November. 

Happy Sewing!  


  1. Yes, I can relate! The oldest project I have half done and stored in a drawer is probably close to 4 years old now. It is a brown corduroy diaper bag I started when pregnant and my boy is now 3 years old and out of diapers!

  2. I just threw away a baby gift which hit a snag and then I moved and and and...

  3. I have a UFO of my mothers in my stash. It must be 50 years old. The fabric is lovely. Someday i'll make something of it..


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