Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Photographic Proof

I thought I should post some photographic proof that I actually finished my Vogue 1247 projects.

This is the top that exposed way too much of my business and I tried to alter it after the fact. I took it in at the centre seam but it just ended up creating another problem. Now the left side of the neckline does not mirror the right side.

The bust darts fall below my bust line. I'm not pleased with the way it turned out but it will work as a around the house shirt.  I love the colours in this fabric but I did kick myself several times for picking a slippery type fabric. What was I thinking? I likely would had less of a struggle if I chose a cotton or linen fabric. I french seamed the centre upper front and shoulder seams and the lower front middle section but I gave up after that and turned to my trusty serger to finished the rest of the seams.

And the hem! By the time it came to do the hem I decided that it would become an around-the-house garment sew I just serged the bottom hemline and left it. Done!

The skirt was less of a challenge. I absolutely love this pattern. I lengthened it from the original but that is the only change that I made. It is in a heavy weight navy stretch twill.  

Sew there you have it, photographic proof that I actually finished something this month. (Minus the shirt hem, of course.)

Must run to work... Happy Sewing!  


  1. I did exactly the same thing as you, I picked a slippery fabric too. I don't even wear that kind of fabric. Ever. Brain fart. I love this top and one day I will make one that I will actually wear. I do love the print on your fabric, though. I haven't made the skirt. Yet.

  2. I used a bias tape to edge my hem on my quilty cotton version- it worked really well. Love your fabric choice!


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