Tuesday, 6 November 2012

When I can't sleep...

When I can't sleep, I sew.

I could be reading a few pages from Up and Down by Terry Fallis. I'm only on the second chapter but I fear that I would stay up reading way past my bedtime. It is that good.  

Instead, I'm staying up way past my bedtime sewing. I'm sewing another Rachel Comey skirt, Vogue 1247. Nothing new besides the colour. 

I'm making this one in a navy cotton that has some stretch. The hemline has been extended down to a conservative level. Other than that it has the same details as the other favourite Rachel Comey skirts in my closet. But for now, I'm going to turn off the sewing machine and head up to bed. Hopefully, now I'll fall asleep.   

I've got the darts taken care of for now. Tomorrow will be for the zipper and hopefully, I'll have pictures to show 'n tell of the finished product. 

Happy Sewing!  (and good-night)


  1. Oh it's a great way to spent sleepless nights

  2. The time change is not in mmy system yet- I'm up WAYY too early reading this. You are much more productive than I!

    1. I'm also not a fan of the time change. And up here it is getting dark by five, not lovin' that either. I miss having some evening sun to sew with....

  3. And I am sure that you are having a LOT of FUN :)


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