Saturday, 10 November 2012

Still distracted...

Vogue 1247, the latest version of my favourite skirt pattern is still sitting on my sewing table.

I did manage to drag it upstairs with pins, scissors, wax and a needle in hand. The plan was to hand stitch the waistband and snaps while there was a wee bit of sunlight and free time this morning.

I even managed to sew a few stitches before Mama R started to verbally fill my calendar.

Weekends are just a tease, taunting you with the allusion that you might actually have time to yourself to do the things you want need to do. Like yoga or meditation or listen to an episode of The House on CBC Radio. I miss having un-interrupted time for those things. But I digress and besides I am here to help Mama and Papa R.

"When you're finished that would you mind hemming up my dress?" she asked.

"Sure," I reassured her. Just put it downstairs.

She disappeared downstairs and reappeared with a cookie sheet.  "We should make Espigas de Milho before you start your new job," she craftily adds to my list of things to do.

"Can we do them tomorrow?" I foolishly ask.

Convincingly, Mama R replied that it would be better to bake today before the kitchen floor is washed.

"Sure," I surrender, giving up any hope of finishing the skirt today. "Just give me a second to get ready." I was killing time while the Jambalaya on the stove finished cooking and before I tackled the kitchen floor.

Espigas de Milho are these delicious Portuguese Cornmeal cookies. They are so worth the effort and they do take some muscle to get these babies through the cookie press. That is why I agreed to setting aside my sewing to make these with Mama R. They are that good.

Well the kitchen floor is washed and the laundry is done. And Mama R and I had a great time making the house smell delicious.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get around to doing some sewing.

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