Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Sewing

Oh my! Christmas is one month less than a month away. Are you busy sewing?

I haven't sewn Christmas gifts since the last time I sewed polar fleeces and they didn't go over all that well. It was my fault for not realizing that EMO was in and fleece was out. My bad.  

Upon the realization that I am not at all hip on what is trendy, I stopped sewing Christmas gifts. As a family, we stopped exchanging gifts years ago. And I'm way past the age of exchanging gifts with friends, it is all about low-key get-togethers and charity in my age demographic.     

Call me crazy but there are moments that I miss sewing Christmas gifts. I miss the frantic rush to get projects done because I am a master procraftinator. I miss the joy that I used to get from making a homemade gift and adding the hand stitched details or hand-braided ribbon button loops that were likely missed in the excitement of Christmas. Homemade Christmas gifts are never conceived with the intention to save money or time, they come into being with lots of coffee, love and thoughtfulness.  

The blog-o-sphere is full of stories of negative reaction to homemade Christmas gifts. This tale especially breaks my heart. Living in a world where fashion is cheap and easily accessible homemade has become frowned upon in our consumer culture. It is sad really. 

And there are some heart-warming tales of homemade family gift exchanges. I love reading these! What a great way to discover someone's hidden talent and creativity and get to know someone on a deeper level. Oh, the joys of Christmas sewing.

Are you sewing for Christmas? What are you sewing? Do tell, I would love to hear about it.     

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  1. I am currently making most of my gifts, and I swear that if anyone ever said anything like that to me, that I should buy them something instead, I would rain fire upon their ears, the like that has never been heard before.

    I am finishing a quilt for my Mom currently, and piecing together some of my father's mother's hankerchiefs as a sort of lap throw for my Dad. He misses his Mom very much, so I think he will like it. I like to think I am helping to preserve memories, or something like that.


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