Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Best Sewing Day Ever!

I had a great day. I spent it taking a sewing class at Quilt as Desired. Kelly Truthwaite, one of the owners (she owns the store with her husband Rob), did an amazing job teaching the day long class. She is absolutely charming and I would sew recommend taking a class with her.

Kelly didn't manage to turn me onto quilting. It was tempting but I really don't need another hobby! I have to say I love the lesson on appliques sewn with the blanket stitch in rayon thread. Sweetness. It had to be my favourite part of the class. I also picked up some neat little tricks that I can't wait to share.

And to think I almost gave up my spot because I can't shake whatever this is... augghhh. Anyway, I can't wait to get sewing again.


  1. It is a lot of fun to get out and spend a day with like-minded seamstress'; how nice!
    Thank you so much for your comment on my post on darning... I feel there might be few of us left who care to keep up the tradition!

  2. Even if you don't "officially" take up quilting, I'm sure it'll feel nice just to have a hidden skill up your sleeve! I did it years ago, and while I don't anymore (I like to sew clothes now), sometimes I find myself using quilting techniques on clothing I make. It's all related, afterall :)

  3. Carolyn, It was a lot of fun spending the day with like-minded seamstresses. I love the moment when we all admitted to preferring creating something new rather than doing alterations. It was a nice day. And Sara, yes, you are also right, I picked up a few tools used by quilters that will be valuable to my sewing. I do cut my scraps in squares and piece them together, but I wouldn't dare call it quilting. These women are in a league of their own, what they create are pieces of art. It is just gorgeous. I'm with you, I like sewing clothes right now.


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