Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My Favourite Time of the Year! (Or the release of the new fall Vogue patterns while they are on sale!)

No, it is not Christmas, Christmas in July (what is up with that?), or New Year's Eve Celebrations.

Nope, my favourite time of the year is when Vogue patterns release the new Fall patterns.

That happens to be today! And it happens to be released while they have a 4-day sale, which ends tonight if you are interested in any of the new releases. See, better than Christmas or New Year's Eve.

Donna Karan and DKNY patterns (my usual favourites) didn't peak my interest with this release, although they are some beautiful designs. A cape, no matter how beautiful the DKNY design, is just not practical for my Winnipeg lifestyle. And there is a beautiful Anne Klein suit that has pants that I was tempted by, but I have two pants patterns I trying to decide on right now. I really don't need to add a third to the mix.

Instead, I want to sew a Lynn Mizono design, Vogue 1312.

Oh and this Marcy Tilton jacket! Vogue 8839.

While I anticipate their arrival, I should get back to work on my dress for Promabalona and pants for the Sew Weekly challenge.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Can't stop to chat - off to put my order in quickly!!!
    ✿ Judy
    made by J

  2. There wasn't a lot I wanted from this release but I couldn't resist the design elements of 1317 the Chado Ralph Rucci dress! Pockets, great lines and a tie front! It reminds me of some amazing 60's designs. The only other pattern that peaked my interest was 8833 because it's the exact pattern i've been looking for for a while now, I can't wait!

    What about a cape for the Winnipeg fall? ;)

    1. I didn't pick up on the details for 1317 when I placed my order, the front pockets and vents are lovely on the dress.

      As for the cape, it is more my lifestyle than the city which I live. But if I did have somewhere that I could wear a cape like that I would a a long pair of gloves or maybe a muff. I always like the look of muffs. Autumn around here tends to be jean jacket wearing weather and lots of time spent outdoors enjoying the changing leave colours and doing yard work. I can't wait for autumn to get here actually, it is my favourite time of year.


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