Thursday, 26 July 2012

In Sewing News Today...

My Janome is back home and all ready to sew. I picked it up this afternoon from Quilt as Desired where I sent it off to get serviced.

The timing was off and the needle wasn't wasn't able to pull up the bobbin thread but it is working nicely now. The moral from this story:  Don't sew over pins! Sarai's post today about developing good sewing habits was timely. I guess, I could add this to my list of bad habits to break.

Also in the blogs... there is talk about the release of Vogue's Fall sewing patterns. Or more specifically the styling for the photographs. Shams over at Communing With Fabric had me in stitches this morning with her commentary What the Heck, Vogue? Go ahead and read it if you haven't already, it is well worth the visit.

I also thought of Top Model when I saw these goofy photographs. But I just chalked up the styling to an over eager intern who watches too much reality television and was inspired by one of those model search program. Oh, but didn't have a big budget to work with so they put the models up on a window ledge.

I found myself in total agreement with this comment:
Artistically speaking, the photos are great although occasionally humorous. But from a sewing standpoint, not so. (Bunny
The "artistic" photos did nothing to sell me on the sewing pattern. As a matter of fact, I have to say that it was time consuming to have to click on the photo to get a better view of the details of the pattern they were trying to sell. And seriously, when I'm looking at a dress pattern, I'm really not concerned with whether or not I could do gymnastics while wearing it. But thanks to Vogue and Shams for the good chuckle. It was a nice start to my day.

Talking about patterns, a decision has been made!

Vogue 1309 will be the pattern I'm using to make the pants. I found this link, Making Perfect Pants, that has some pointers on picking the perfect style for your figure.
Follow these basic guidelines for selecting a flattering pant style:
S Shorter-than-average figures look taller when pants and top are the same color.
S  A tall person looks shorter if the pants and top are different colors or textures.
S  Wide legs create an illusion of fullness.
S  Fitted legs are unflattering for the too-thin as well as for the too-full figure.
S  Flared legs are flattering to tall, slender figures.
S  Straight legs are a good choice for the figure with full thighs or a prominent derriere.
S  Gathers or pleats at the waistline emphasize a protruding abdomen.
S  If you have a very curvy figure, select a style that has two waistline darts on each side of center front and back. Avoid a side zipper opening.
S  Avoid hip-hugger styles if you have full thighs and/or prominent hips.
Sew, if I were going to follow these guidelines the Vogue pattern is the obvious choice.

I'm in the process of pinning and cutting the pattern and fabric. I'm going to try it out in a beige stretch cotton sateen. I don't mind if it doesn't come out perfect this first try, beige is not my colour. It only made it into my stash because it was on sale dirt cheap (cheaper than muslin).

If the pattern works out and the pants end up to be a perfect fit, they'll be a good pair for yard work. And then [fingers crossed] I could move on to my preferred fabric and colour choice.

Well, that is all in sewing news today.

Happy Sewing!

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