Friday, 13 July 2012

Recklessness or can I blame it on Friday the 13th?

My bad!

Yes, I broke the cardinal sewing rule. I was sewing over pins.

I usually don't do this, but I couldn't find my wrist pin cushion while I was sewing the facing to the neckline. And I was sew close to being done.

Was that rush to the finish line worth it? No.

The time I thought I would save in my lazy ways cost me in a broken needle and re-setting the machine. Never mind the skipped heart beats wondering if I damaged the fabric. Luckily the fabric was spared any damage and the only casualty was a sewing needle. Even the timing on the machine seems to be okay. I got off lucky this time. 

I shouldn't live so dangerously with other people's fabric. Lucky for me Mama R is not computer literate and likely never know about my reckless ways. Shhh, this little scenario is just between us.

With the facing clipped and pressed it is looking quite nice.

On this dress I hand basted the pleats and plan to take out the hand-basting in my last step.

Did I mention that this dress has seen a lot of seam ripper action? I miss marked the sleeve front and back in chalk and happened to sew the sleeve front section to the dress back. It worked out fine until I went to sew the sleeve back to the dress front. You would never think this was my third version of this dress by all the eyebrow raising goof-ups.

First the invisible zipper foot installation goof-up, then the sleeves, and the sewing over pins fiasco. But yet I continue to sew on Friday the 13th.

Wish me luck on the final finishing touches.

And Happy Sewing!


  1. Oh, hey, who hasn't sewn over a pin or an appendage before? Thats why sewing is my favorite extreme sport! I love that neckline.

    1. LOL, favorite extreme sport! That's good, maybe I do have a dangerous side?


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