Sunday, 1 April 2012

In sewing news today...

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Mitchell Fabrics? Well, except for the fact that they have a cat that wanders the store. Don't get me wrong I love animals but I have really bad allergies to cats.

Despite the cat issue I'll venture out to Mitchell Fabrics because they have the best selection of notions in the city. Whenever I need to find notions in a hard to match colour, I always find it at Mitchell Fabrics. [I hope I didn't just jinx this little fact.]

Behold, the perfect zipper to match the fabric my niece picked out for her graduation party dress.

I'm so thrilled, you can not believe. Yes, it does not take much. I just have to find some serger thread to match (or at least come close) and I'll be all set to go on this project.

While at Mitchell Fabric I fell victim to my lack of will power. And despite vowing to shop from my own fabric stash I came home with yes, more fabric. I wonder if Winnipeg has a local chapter of Fabric-a-holic's Anonymous? That or I may need to hire someone to do my fabric store errand (notion/thread) runs.

I found these cotton knits in lovely citrusy hues. How could I resist? I couldn't, I'm weak in the presence of fabulous fabric.

But in my defence I did muster up enough will power to say "NO! Don't even think about it!" to the beautiful linen knit that is still at the store.

Back to the citrusy cotton knits, I ordered the 1.5 metres needed to make version C, Butterick 5679 and scooted out of there as quickly as I could before any more damage was done. The pattern I have in mind for these fabrics is a loose fitting top with a shaped front panel that has a pocket. I like that it has long sleeves too.

Still on the topic of tops but moving along to dresses, I was checking out my Butterick 5365 blouse in the mirror yesterday. That was when a light bulb went on. This pattern would make a fabulous shirt dress!

I love how it has a relaxed fit and it is not clingy around my mid-section or hips, I think I'm going to do some pattern extending and try making it into a shirt dress. I'm kind of excited about the thought of this. Hmm, short sleeves, the darted front and I think I have a floral denim somewhere in my stash. Look at me thinking about stash busting. There just might be hope for me yet.

I will have the opportunity to test that today. I read in yesterday's paper that Fabricland is having a April Fool's Day Sale and fabric is 30-70% off. They wouldn't joke about that would they? I just have to keep telling myself I really don't need to run in and check if that gorgeous raw silk has been reduced any further. Last I checked several bolts have been sitting in the discounted 50% off section. Besides, I should be punished for ruining that gorgeous piece of green raw silk on a new pattern that I didn't make a muslin for, my bad. Good thing I have a busy day catching up with friends to keep me from travelling across the bridge to the store. The fabric sin punishment won't seem as harsh when I'm hanging out my friends.    

That's all in sewing news today.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Good idea! Instead if extending the shirt you could always take a skirt that you love and attach it to the bodice. Then you could still do a button down front or stop the buttons at the waist and have a side zip. I have always wanted to try that. I have an Amazing Fit by simplicity or Butterick or whatever and the shirt is a princess seam with really cool sleeves and a front ruffle option. I would attach a skirt from a Project runway pattern from another shirt dress bc the pockets are super cool. It would be my first completely contemporary Frankenpattern.

    1. That is a smart option too, that way I won't mess up the hip width.


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