Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Copy Cat

I've been busy copying the Rachel Roy top that I picked up on the weekend. It is not a complicated design to copy. Basically the back and the front are the same size when laid out on the table.  I just have to re-draft the front piece. There is a seam down the centre front and one underlay piece.

The inside view, left side front underlay piece.  It is only attached to the side seam just below the armhole opening for one inch. The rest of the piece drapes off to the side close to the side seam

 The inside of the other front piece. Notice the armhole opening, simple.

The exposed seam finish around the hem, arm and neckline openings. It is pretty, I don't know if I'll be able to achieve the same effect with my Janome.

 The front overlay/drape.

I think I may make a slight change: raise that front neckline a bit.

Now to pick the fabric: graphic stripes or pokla-dots?


  1. I do like the polka dots, personally, mainly because I always 'stress' at having to match up stripes at the shoulders. But, I do so love the colours in the stripe fabric. Decisions, decisions, decisions.....


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