Friday, 23 March 2012

What's next?

Right now what is on my sewing table is the beautiful green fabric that my niece picked out for her grad dress. I haven't been able to cut it out yet, I'm ready, the ribs say no. So sew I've been thinking about what will be next and the sewing challenges that I would like need to do during my second year of sewing and blogging.

Make that darn winter coat.

I've chicken out on this project. I have the fabric and the pattern picked out but for some reason I'm a little scared to tackle this one.  Is my twenty year old Janome up for this challenge? Am I up for the challenge?

My procrastination on this project is fuelled by my fear. Luckily it was a mild winter this year because the muslin that I cut out last summer is still sitting in my sewing drawer. I just have to get over my fear and on with it!

Make handkerchiefs.

I'm all for bringing back the hankie and switching to handkerchiefs has been on my to-do list for some time.

First, it is a small step towards environmental kindness. Think of all the trees that will be saved when I start using my hankies! Never mind the water that is wasted in the production of tissue and the environmental costs for transporting this product.

Secondly, oh the fun I can have making these. I can do a little rolled hem, paint fun designs on them, trim them with lace or mini ric-rac!

I have a metre of white 100% cotton fabric and quite the collection of trim. All that is left to do is start cutting out squares and decide on how to decorate it.

Thirdly, I always thought that hankies were tres chic. I don't know how they ever went out of style?

Shop from my fabric stash

Okay, here is a tough one. Of course, I say this before I score some of that raw silk sitting at Fabricland at 50% off. Oh, this might take some will power.

My biggest challenge this year is to stay away from fabric stores and only use the fabric I find around the house and in my stash. It shouldn't be a tough one, I have quite the fabric stash. But somehow I think this one might be a tough one.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Good luck at keeping away from the fabric stores - super strong will-power needed on that one!!! I do well until I see what some other lucky blogger has scooped up, and then out the door I race...

  2. Thanks, I think I am going to need all the luck I can get on the fabric challenge.


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