Sunday, 11 March 2012

Norman Rockwell and American Fashion

There is a Norman Rockwell exhibit here at the Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG). Today I'm off to check the exhibit out and attend a lecture.

Democracy, Race and Family in Rockwell's Vision of America • Dr David S. Churchill, Associate Professor of History at the University of Manitoba and the Director of the Institute for the Humanities (UMIH), will look at Rockwell’s use of American history in his art and his changing representation of the United States throughout his career and across the twentieth century. • Presented in collaboration with UMIH. • This talk will take place in the exhibition and is included with admission.  
I'm not a huge fan of Norman Rockwell art. My soul would rather dance in the presence of the artistic expressions by Frida Kahlo, Diane Arbus, and Georgia O'Keeffe.

But what does interest me about Rockwell's art is the cultural representation of his Saturday Evening Post covers and the blatant omissions of various American people and landscape. So I am very much looking forward to the lecture.

And the art, I do appreciate the rich detail found in the clothing his subjects are wearing. The smocking details found in the dresses the little girls wear are illustrated in precise detail. I do have a fond appreciation for these sewing details which he took care to include. I know that it is the detail of the clothing that will capture my attention.  

Rockwell was clever at illustrating the facades of culture and appearance. I hope that the lecture will touch on this aspect of his art.

There is no denying the cultural significance that Rockwell had on the American art scene. He has received both cultural praise and criticism, it will be interesting to see how the exhibit is received this afternoon.  

Well, if I'm going to make the lecture I should get ready.

Happy Sewing!  


  1. Wow that looks really cool, thanks for sharing this. Hope you get some pictures of the sho. Are you going to dress up for it?

    1. Well, I did wear my last sewing project, Vogue 1263, and I did get dressed up with my wedge heeled rubber boots :-) The snow is melting out here and there are lots of puddles to play in right now. My inner child comes out this time of year.

      I didn't take any pictures inside of the exhibit, but I did take notes. I'm not sure where the exhibit will be travelling next, but if it heads your way I would highly recommend catching it. I believe, if I'm not mistaken, that the WAG is the only Canadian location. Too bad, it is something to check out.


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