Thursday, 29 March 2012

Connie Crawford is a Genius!

Connie Crawford is a genius, she designed the perfect shirt pattern. It is Butterick 5365 and there are two styles, one with darts and the other with tucks. I can not sing loud enough the praises this pattern deserves. I made it in a 100% cotton with long sleeves. I love the fit, and the darts from the neckline glide above the bust line beautifully. I want at least five more!

I finished my first one just now. I am beyond thrilled with the fit (thanks Doobee for recommending this pattern).

I really like the front darts that fall from the neckline.

I was also thrilled to find these vintage (circa 1960's) buttons, lemony yellow and perfect.

 Maybe on my next one I'll add pleats at the cuff seam instead of gathers.


  1. Oh nice job! I wasn't sure about that fabric when you first posted it, but I really like it made up into the shirt. Very charming! I love the dart detail at the neckline too. I made a jacket ages ago that did something similar.

    You can't really see the darts at the neckline very well, but I love what it does for the jacket. No neck gaping here!

    1. Ohhh, I like your jacket. Yeah, I really like the darts from the neckline. I think it is my favourite part of the blouse.

  2. Told you it was a good one!!! I haven't tried the long sleeve version, but as winter is heading my way I really should....

    1. Doobee you were so right about this one. This pattern is a keeper!


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