Sunday, 4 March 2012

"A Second Chance" Project

Most of these clothes I haven't worn in years. After I gained a few more than a few pounds these clothes just went into storage.

Some of them have been favourites that I haven't had the heart to give away.

So Sew, I was thinking about Erica Bunker's article in the February/March 2012 issue of Sewing Today's Vogue Patterns. Erica wrote a short article about re-fashioning a pair of pants into a skirt. And back in January, I took her story as inspiration and gave new life to one of my previously fav pair of pants.

"A Second Chance" Project refers to my rescue mission to give my old previous loved pieces a new life through re-fashioning. First up is a maxi skirt/strapless dress.

It is by Lapis, and the lovely tags that came with it showed how versatile this garment could be with option to wear it multiple ways.

You could wear it as a skirt one day, or a strapless dress the other and it even came with two belt options.  A wide belt and a skinny belt.

Anyway, I bought this skirt/ strapless dress because I loved the fabric. Not because of the many options the label claimed to offer. It is a knit fabric and those stripes are going the right direction for my petite stature. Bonus.

Added bonus, it was on sale on the reduced rack at Winners. But as a skirt/strapless dress it hardly made it out of my closet. [Insert lesson about impulse shopping here] What was I thinking? I don't do strapless, it was never my thing. And as a skirt even though I do like the longer lengths, I just don't pull off the look all that well.

Sew this became the perfect candidate for "A Second Chance" project.

I know it is nothing spectacular like the refashion projects that you might find in the pages of Cut-up Couture or Junky Styling. But hey, it works for me.

And I know that it will now get some rotation in my closet again.

What did I do? I just added two inch wide shoulder straps and I feel way more comfortable about wearing this dress now.

Yea, new dress.


  1. Nice job on the refashion! I wondered what you did with it before I realized that the dress was previously strapless. The straps look original!


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